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corundum brick, fire brick, fire clay brick, high alumina brick, insulating brick, insulation brick, mullite brick, brick, refractory brick, (1)refractory brick:fire clay brick, high alumina brick, corundum brick, mullite brick, silimanite brick, zirconia brick, azs bricks, silica brick, magnesia brick, magnesia carton brick, alumina-magnesia-carbon brick, silicon carbide brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia alumina brick, alumina carbon brick, al2o3-sic-c brick, graphite brick, acid resistant brick (2)insulating bricks:fire clay insulation brick, high alumina insulating brick, mullite insulating brick, bubble alumina brick. (3)unshaped refractory or :castable, ramming mass, gunning mix, mouldable refractory, mortar, high alumina cement, bauxite etc monolithic refractory (4)ceramic fiber products:fiber board, fiber blanket, fiber paper etc they are used in iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials(cement, glass, ceramic), petrochemical, energy&incineration etc industries. our products have been exported to pakistan, vietnam, malaysia and kazakhstan etc
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